The hills are alive…

Bukit Botak or Bukit Gundul (Bald Hill as it’s known) in Sepanggar has been a place I’ve been dying to explore since I saw it on a list of hiking trails in Sabah to try and had my instagram flooded by multiple photos of other people conquering it.

However, I’d asked around and was advised by some to make sure I go in a group etc. Now, in my line of work getting a group of people to spend their one day off a week hiking is not the easiest thing to do especially when sleep is such a priority. Alas, I finally found my unsuspecting victim (my mum!) and I was on my way.

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Kudat – Roadtripping

I’ve always liked long drives. Something about spending all that time behind the wheel, with good music and if alone – nothing but my thoughts, that helps calm me down and sort of recharge some what. After itching about for a couple of weeks, I decided I needed to get out of KK for a bit. So with two stragglers in tow, off we went to Kudat & the tip of Borneo!

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